10 Blood Sucking Tick Facts

10 Blood Sucking Tick Facts

tick warning

1) Ticks are both spiders and parasites (Double Gross).

2) Like vampires, they survive on blood from mammals, birds and reptiles.

3) Ticks can spread bacterial and viral diseases, the most common being Lyme Disease.

4) Some ticks are venomous and cause paralysis, but usually those ticks are found in Australia.

5) Ticks actually hunt! They find their next “host” by following breath and body heat. EEK!

6) Female ticks can lay up to 3,000 eggs at one time. (Tell your mom she didn’t have it so bad)

7) Good news, ticks usually only live to be months old; but they can  live up to a few years.

8) Ticks are segmented into two parts, so during removal it’s essential to rid the body of BOTH parts.

9) To remove a tick use a device like tweezers to get as close to the head of the tick as possible. Never twist or jerk, always use antibacterial disinfectant after removal and definitely see a doctor to be treated immediately for Lyme and other possible diseases.

10) For heaven sakes call Lakeside Pest Control! We kill ticks, larva and prevent them from hunting you down to suck your blood! Call for a free quote today (951) 678-1812.

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