10 Facts Only Wasps Slayers Know

10 Facts Only Wasps Slayers Know


1) Wasp nests are usually under a branch, eave, or other structure attached to a building. (And they don’t add to property value).

2) Dead wasps around a business or home is an indication of a possible wasp nest nearby.

3) Wasps can be a huge liability; they harass employees and customers driving away business.

4) Be calm! Splashing water at a wasp or swatting at it will only anger the vengeful creature.

5) Wasps can and will sting multiple times when they become angry or threatened. (They’re like very angry ex-girlfriends).

6) If stung, clean and apply ice to sting sites.

7) Using Electronic fly killers can reduce wasps around  any structure.

8) Screens on every door and window greatly reduces the wasps ability to infiltrate.

9) Mesh screens under over-hangs can prevent wasps from nesting.

10) Call Lakeside Pest Control  to eliminate wasps through the environmentally safe process of IPM, integrated pest management.

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