10 Pesky Rat Facts

10 Pesky Rat Facts

cat and rats

1) Unidentified noises in a home or business are often rats living in walls, floors and attics.

2) Rat droppings and urine cause allergies, asthma, respiratory and bacterial infections and potentially fatal diseases.

3) Rats are carriers for skin irritants like mites and fleas.

4) A female rat can be in heat every 4 days.

5) A litter can contain up to 13 baby rats.

6) Rats can squeeze through a hole the size of a quarter and mice can squeeze through even smaller spaces.

7) Rats’ front teeth grow 5 inches each year. They wear down their teeth by chewing on everything around them including cement, wood and lead pipes.

8) Some pest control technicians use steel wool and expandable foam to keep rats out. This is easy for those big choppers to mow through.

9) Rats eat wall insulation and electrical wires, which can cause devastating fires.

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