10 Secrets of an Exterminator: What They Won’t Tell You, But We Will

10 Secrets of an Exterminator: What They Won’t Tell You, But We Will

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1) Call your exterminator for a free inspection of how to prevent their services. This is something that is free and can save money.

2) Don’t get cheated! Some exterminators only treat cracks outside making this service extremely fast and less complete. A real professional should take about 25-40 min. for a complete outdoor service.

3) There are exterminators who have been known to eat out of the fridge, watch t.v. and even never get out of their truck for a service. Please ensure your exterminator is licensed and bonded and clean!

4) When receiving a rodent service make sure the exterminator sets a date and time to check the traps and remove rodents. When traps go unchecked your house will smell like a rat trap.

5) Fly traps and bug zappers will actually attract bugs to your home. If you choose to use these items, put them on the perimeter of your property and not near doors and windows.

6) You can make a homemade fly trap with a mason jar half filled with vinegar. Poke wholes in the lid and hang it outside.

7)  Water misters keep flies away. There’s no chemicals and it keeps your guests refreshed and un-pestered.

8) When camping dab vanilla on your wrists and behind the ears. Some bugs don’t like the scent and will leave you alone. (common side effects will be people expecting you to cook).

9) Always clear away cupboards or places where you want a treatment concentrated. The exterminator can be more thorough when the space is clear and clean.

10) Lakeside Pest Control only has experienced, well fed technicians. Our goal is to deliver the most reliable and complete service. We ensure, Clean, Healthy, Pest-Free Living. (951) 678-1812.


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