5 Gnat Problems and 5 Ways to Reclaim Your Space

5 Gnat Problems and 5 Ways to Reclaim Your Space

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1) Gnats are often not the assumed fruit fly, there are many other types of flies that all require different tactics to eliminate.

2) Gnats feed off garbage, fruit, sewage and soil.

3) Gnats breed in drains, sewers, damp/organic material and where they eat.

4) If you see a gnat then it is likely it has laid hundreds of eggs already.

5) The most difficult parts about gnat invasions are finding the source and properly identifying the method of dismissal.

6) Fly sprays provide great temporary relief but cannot eliminate the source or breeding sites.

7) Gnats can live and breed in drain pipes even when there is a consistent water flow.

8) One way to see if gnats are coming from the drain is place a piece of tape over the drain and leave it there for 1-3 days, sticky side down. If there are gnats on it when you return then you have an invasion in your plumbing system.

9) Wineries and restaurants will have persistent gnat problems unless they use a strict pre-planned regiment to be fly-free.

10) Lakeside Pest Control can effectively prevent all type of fly and gnat invasions, returning your home and business to you! Call today (951) 678-1812!

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