5 Ways the Drought Effects Pests

5 Ways the Drought Effects Pests



The California Drought has made Los Angeles the second most insect-filled city in the United States, behind Tampa, Florida. This means pests are running toward any water and food source they can find. Their legs and brains may be small, but make no mistake they can cover a lot of ground and are most crafty. Here are 5 ways the drought effects pests…which ultimately effects you!

1) ‘Tis the season for hatching! – Rains and moisture will often wash away potential bugs that are in egg or larvae form. The current weather conditions allow bugs to hatch in record numbers.

2) Pool parties are at particular risks because the large water sources can draw in anything from ants to wasps to rats or snakes.

3) Pests are never satisfied! Pests will infiltrate any crack or crevice of a building’s exterior to find more food and water.

4) Gardeners are having particular trouble saving their crops from starving lady bugs, beet army worms and potato psyllids.

5) The strongest pest formulas can only be attained through a pest control company! Call Lakeside Pest Control to get rid of your pests TODAY! (951) 678-1812.


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