6 Reasons You Should Act Like A Spider

6 Reasons You Should Act Like A Spider


1) Spiders can be more social than most people think. Some live in communities to raise young and increase their standards of living.

2) Spiders will join forces to build layered webs to catch larger prey and share the …profits.

3) Within these spider colonies, each has a designated role based on their ability to be aggressive or docile.

4) This means the aggressors hunt and the “dociles” guard and protect young. Each of these personality traits are essential for each role and when roles reverse, the docile spiders starve the colony and the aggressors eat the young.

5) Pest technicians can act in a similar manner, aggressive ones think offensively and “docile” ones think defensively. (But in this line of work, they all kill).

6) Lakeside Pest Control can get rid of your spider colonies with a 60 day guarantee. Call for a free estimate today (951) 678-1812. Add us on twitter for more information on pests.http://www.lakesidepest.com

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