8 Pests to Pets

8 Pests to Pets

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Bugs and insects can really bother and be a threat to people. But what about our pets? Many assume that itchy bugs come with the territory of being an animal. This weeks blog is dedicated to understanding what “pesters” our pets and how to make the lives of our furry family members more peaceful!

1) Fleas effect most animals. They are one of the few pests that can thrive anywhere in the United States and just one flea can multiply into over 1,000 itchy critters in just 21 days.

2) Ticks are very fond of warm weather and warm blooded animals! The spotted dear tick (which is the most prevalent to spread Lyme disease) is all over our Camp Pendleton mountains.

3) Mosquitos are devilish because they can smell their pray and eat through screens to get to a bloody vessel. Usually cats are their first choice because they are laying quietly by an open draft.

4) Biting Flies are a huge nuisance; but even more than that, they are great hunters due to their sense of smell. They can smell their prey up to 300 feet away.

5) The botfly hangs out in grassy areas and waits for anything warm-blooded to brush by it so it can latch on to the skin. Botflies cause seizures, aggression and blindness due to it’s infiltration to the brain.

6) Mites or Scabies are less dangerous and more yucky! They cause red lumps and itching. Once spread, they can be killed through a series of quarantining and several expensive stinky baths.

7) Flies are most common for pet problems. They collect in the eyes, nose and ears for food and shelter. This can cause infections and are very pestering for our pets.

8) Lakeside Pest Control provides clean, healthy, pest-free living for pets and people! Call today for a treatment! (951) 678-1812

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