9 Stinging Scorpion Facts That Will Creep You Out!

9 Stinging Scorpion Facts That Will Creep You Out!

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1) Scorpions are known as cunning hunters and can survive in the harshest conditions.

2) Scorpions live in every terrestrial habitat including high-elevated mountains and caves, dwelling underground or even in trees.

3) Scorpions use their venom for small insects but can live on as little as one insect per year.

4) A scorpion can be frozen in ice for 24 hours only to thaw out and walk away. (Creepy)

5) Scorpions are florescent under ultra violet light (Although we have no idea what use this is to us or them.)

6) Scorpions have male and female parts and reproduce through a “dance.” (Very silence of the lamb-y, if you ask me)

7) Scorpions are poisonous to humans and generally produce a painful sting.

8) If you encounter either a scorpion or a scorpio….don’t cross them, you want them on your side :).

9) Lakeside Pest Control will kill scorpions and prevent them from intruding your home for up to 60 days guaranteed. Call today (951) 678-1812!

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