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Ask the Expert – That’s Lakeside


There is one main question we get on a daily basis in pest control, “Are there any all-natural methods to prevent and get rid of pests?” Everyone wants to know the least toxic way to keep their home clean, healthy and pest free. But, everyone also wants highly effective methods of keeping the ants out of their cabinets. Can you have both? The answer is absolutely maybe!


Truthfully, pest control can be convoluted for a couple of reasons. Mostly the confusion can come from the definitions of pesticides, chemicals and all-natural. Let me just clarify by saying anything used to kill bugs, even water is considered a pesticide and anything that comes from natural elements, like chemicals, are considered all-natural. Get it?

The following are the most used essential oils in pest controls: citrus and rosemary are known for getting rid of bugs. Peppermint is highly effective to kill insects, but it’s also a deterrent for rodents. Use these oils in vinegar and water to really pack a punch to those pests.

If you’re ever wondering the type of materials used in your pest control solutions, call your local professionals and ask them. They should know the main ingredients and be able to answer your questions for no charge. After all, you deserve to live clean, healthy and pest-free.

pests, call a professional and let them use their strongest most effective products to get those critters out of your home. But if you see a few lone soldier spiders or ants here or there, start using essential oil diffusers, sprays and keep fragrant plants in your home to keep those unwanted intruders at bay.

Pest Control Recipe:
1qt water, 1⁄4 c vinegar and rosemary (fresh or 14 drops of oil).

So let’s answer the real question you want to know, is there effective pest control treatments made from healthy, food grade ingredients? The answer is yes. Believe it or not, there are some things that even cockroach- es and rats don’t eat. Almost any essential oil will deter ants, roaches, flies, spiders and even bed bugs. However, when using essential oils be prepared to use them frequently in comparison to stronger pesticides. For example, many pesticides can detour creepy crawlers for about 30- 60 days. Even longer under the right conditions. However essential oil based products will last a few hours to a couple of days.


Pest Control Recipe:



1/4 CUP ROSEMARY (fresh or 14 drops of oil)



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