Pest Control is for the Birds

Pest Control is for the Birds

bird on bird action

Birds…they’re kind of controversial. On the one hand we love to feed them and see their nests; on the other hand we don’t like their excrement all over our cars, walkways and dare I say….hair.  On the one hand we love how they twitter during our backyard bar-b-ques, on the other hand we turn into violent savages when they chirp their tiny little whines outside our windows at 5am on a Saturday, grrrr.

So what’s the solution? Well pest control is the solution. Pest control can prevent certain birds from feeding while you get the joys of watching the others dine in your yard. Lakeside Pest Control specifically can prevent birds from nesting in certain areas and make other places more attractive for you and your chirpy little beasts.

For more information on nesting concerns, check out the link below. Otherwise call us for a free estimate over the phone today (949) 584-7569.

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