The Evolution of Pest Control: 10 Integrative Pest Management Solutions

The Evolution of Pest Control: 10 Integrative Pest Management Solutions

evolution of pest control

1) Integrative Pest Management is preventative pest care of your personal/work space. Prevent pests from invading using all natural, chemical-free, easy methods.

2) Pick up all fruit from nearby trees. Fruit on the ground is an instant attraction to rodents and insects. It’s like a buffet for unwanted invaders.

3) Cut back branches and trees that hang over your home/business. Rats can jump up to 4 ft. and will happily land on a roof, uproot tile and make your space, their space.

4) Buy screens for all doors and windows. When a door is left open you are at the mercy of whichever way the wind blows. It can carry all sorts of spiders into your home against your will and theirs.

5) Wash and secure all trash containers. Trash is a way to give rodents and insects life, cut off the life supply and contain your trash in metal bins.

6) Pick up all animal dishes at night. Just the aroma of your dog and cat food can peak the curiosity of local rodents. When they arrive, they will search each little corner of your yard to find a way into your pantry.

7) Leave boxes outside. Cockroaches hide in shipping boxes and lay eggs there too. If you receive packages, leave the box outside so those baby roaches don’t hatch and infest your home or business.

8) Clean drains and sinks. This is such an easy way to ensure no gnats invade your space. Periodically poor an approved solution into the drains and keep your home smelling fresh and fly free.

9) Malibu lights and bug zappers will attract crickets and other insects. Turn them off at night or place them away from doors and windows.

10) Lakeside Pest Control will do free inspections to ensure you have a pest free environment. Clean, Healthy, Pest-Free Living! (951) 678-1812.

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