Residential Pest Control

Lakeside Pest Control will protect your home from any potential pest infestations. Our residential pest control service offers home owners with the tools necessary to eliminate all pests, insects and rodents form invading their home. Residential pest control service is an excellent way to keep bugs out of your home and make living there as comfortable as possible. Living among insects and other pests is extremely discomforting and a stress that home owners hope to never experience. The peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is pest free is truly priceless. Lakeside Pest Control is your number one choice for excellent residential pest control service.

Local Pest Control Specialists

There are many different species of pests rodents and insects that can gain access into your home. Ants, cockroaches and bed bugs are just a few of the pests that are commonly found in households crawling around and searching for a new place to settle down. Lakeside Pest Control is familiar with every species of insect, rodent and pest that may be in your home. Our technicians are very familiar with local pests, and can identify ones that may have come from visiting family or other insects that are called transplants because they are not found locally.

Home Pest Control Experts

Residential pest control will provide your home with pest control in every part of your home. Your kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, tool shed and garage are all common areas for pests to be found. Attic space and basements are also a popular spot for insects to begin growing a new colony and produce an infestation inside of your home. Our technicians know exactly where to look for insects inside of your home and are familiar with all the signs of an infestation.

Thorough Pest Inspections and Prevention

Pests are able to gain access into your home through many different avenues. Places as obvious as the front door, windows, sliding glass doors and other general areas of your home are great ways for insects to enter through. They are also smart and small enough to crawl through air vents, holes in window screens, cracks in your home’s foundation, gaps in siding and other tiny holes. Lakeside Pest Control will ensure that pests will no longer stroll into your home with ease. Our number one concern is protecting you and your home from the presence of any pest, insect or rodent. We will thoroughly inspect your home and properly remove any and all pests, leaving you with a comfortable home that is pest free.

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