We are committed to our clients and will work with you to keep your home and business pest free. We know you may want our services on a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly basis; that’s why we package services together with major discounts. Allowing us to manage your property with regards to pest and rodent management. We do the work so you don’t have to.

Customized Service

Each customer has a different need, let us give you a complimentary estimate today. We can treat your home or business from the exterior to the interior.

Monthly Service

Monthly service is generally used for preventative maintenance or heavy infestations. We can set up a schedule that is best for you and send reminders to prepare you for our arrival.

Bimonthly Service

Bimonthly service is a great way to keep insects and pests clear from your living space. Most of our products have a 60-day guarantee, so if you have any problems in between services we will treat your home or business for free.

Quarterly Service

This service can be used to maintain a pest free zone or may be needed when weather is temperate and pests are minimal.  Either way, quarterly service can be cost effective and pest-free effective too.


We provide education to all our clients with our short, concise and easy to read blog.

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About Us

Lakeside Pest Control is family owned and operated. With over 30 years experience we have built a company based on providing reliable service with quality technicians. We use a wide variety of respected products that are highly effective. We are also proud to offer green products that are all natural and great for vegetable gardens. Each service is ensured with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Our licensed and bonded technicians have cutting-edge experience for residential and commercial extermination. Lakeside Pest Control professionals enjoy their job and it is evident in their promptness, cleanliness and attention to detail.


Ants are a leading problem in the Inland Empire and as pest experts we have best solutions to ensure they stay off your property.


Bees and wasps can be a seasonal issue and need tending to periodically. Our open availability allows us to serve you for urgent situations.


Spiders can be dangerous especially for children and elderly adults. Let us prevent bites and reactions from these critters.


Roaches can carry several diseases wherever they go and females can carry 50 eggs of each gender allowing them to breed at a rapid rate.


Fleabites can be stressful for animals and people because they carry tapeworms that can be transferred to pets and pet owners.


Rodents can cause very expensive and sometimes dangerous problems. Let us provide a long-term solution for you.


We love our community and give back to our neighbors by giving a portion of our income and time to local churches of various faiths. We are proud participants of these community building groups:

BBB Accredited Business

We are proud to announce that we are an official BBB Accredited Business. The BBB helps people make smarter buying decisions and connect to Accredited Businesses. ID: 89081008

Lake Elsinore Storm Baseball Team

As official corporate sponsors for the Lake Elsinore Storm Baseball Team, we are the preferred pest and rodent management service, keeping the employees and guest’s pest free.

Team Referral Network

Lakeside Pest Control works with Team Referral Network to positively impact member’s businesses and the communities they belong to, giving true value to each member.

Community Food Pantry of Murrieta

We are affiliated with the Community Food Pantry of Murrieta who gathers and distributes food, engages in partnerships that advance self-sufficiency for the community.

Valley Young Professionals

The heart of Valley Young Professionals is its members. Become a member today and be a part of a great group of dedicated young professionals.

Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce

Lakeside Pest Control works with the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce to promote positive economic growth while protecting the environment for all businesses.

Lake Elsinore Valley Chamber of Commerce

Lakeside Pest Control helps the community by volunteering time and money to build up and serve residents by increase awareness and sanitation.

Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce

We are affiliated with many communities such as the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce to promote awareness and sanitation for all who work and live in the community.

Murrieta Chamber of Commerce

We are the official pest control of the Murrieta Chamber of Commerce, allowing our civil servants and community members to work in a clean, healthy, pest-free office.


Lakeside Pest Control offers personalized and affordable service plans to ensure our community is pest free. Our prices are dependent upon the square footage of a home and the frequency needed. We give free quotes over the phone and free inspections to give a thorough analysis of what each unique situation needs. Pest Control service pricing based on square footage and selected service plan.

Bee & Wasp Service

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  • Eliminate Stinging Insects
  • Remove Hive
  • Prevent Return

Rodent Service

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  • Rodent Removal
  • Exclude
  • Exterminate

Bird Service

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  • Inspect Home
  • Treat
  • Prevent



Contact us today and let us collaborate regarding your pest management needs. Visit any of our social media sites to learn about how to prevent infestations.


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