Termite Control

Termites can live in a home for many years before the home owner has any idea that there is a massive termite colony living inside of their walls. Termites gain access into a home at ground level or through the soil. If they can get to a structure through those avenues, they will work hard to gain access into that structure and begin eating away one bite at a time. Termites eat any type of material that contains cellulose, this includes plants, dead trees, the wood in your home and even drywall. There really isn’t much that a termite cannot chew through. Termites will destroy the structural integrity of your home and can potentially eliminate any equity that you had in your home. Termites cause more damage than any other pest and they are responsible for home owners spending billions of dollars each and every year on termite damage repair.

Signs of Termite Infestations

There are a few signs you can look for as a home owner that may point to a termite infestation within your house. Termites eat plants and dead trees, if there are trees on your property that are hallowed out, there is a good chance that termites have feasted on your tree and possible moved on in hopes of getting into your home. Another sure sign that termites have attempted to get into your home is the presence of mud tunnels. Termites build tunnels out of mud and other material to get into your home. Termites require a humid damp environment to survive, and they prefer the dark. Mud tunnels are built for termites to travel back and forth from food source to the main nest. Mud tunnels can be found running along the sides of a home or even up the siding. Termites will eat through the wood of your home, travel back to their nest and regurgitate what they ate to feed the queen and other termites living in the nest. With a healthy and reliable food source being pumped into the nest daily, termites can lay a considerable amount of eggs. This will assist in growing their colony to numbers that can reach into the millions. No homeowner wants to hear that there are millions of termites in their home.

Thorough Termite Inspections

Lakeside Pest Control performs thorough termite inspections in and around your home. Our technicians look for any sign of mud tunnels and hollowed out wood. We will pinpoint the exact location of termites in your home and completely destroy any infestation that exists. Lakeside Pest Control is your number one choice in the fight against termites. We will protect your home from the awful damage they can cause and help you retain the equity of your home.

Contact Termite Control professionals at Lakeside Pest Control to arrange for an expert termite inspection.

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